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Modified on formal types of products, CD, MD  series products are compact, light and safe. As popular light hoisting devices, the products feature high convertibility of parts, high lifting ability of single hoist, easy maintenance and wide application.

The electric hoists have fixed type and trolley type. The former type can be installed on the frame di-rectly and is divided into model A2, A3, A4 as shown in Fig.-9-l. The latter type can be installed on the track. CD is single-speed lifting and MD1 can hoist with regular and slow speed.

On such a basis, Hc l6t, 20t, 25t, 32t, 65t are devloped by our technicians. They share the same structure principles and installation ways with the orginal CD and MD the following contents all take CD and MD for example.

The carrying capacity and lifting height of our electric hoists are 0.25t – 20t and 3m – 30m respectively but we can also provide customized products.

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