8 good things to keep in mind when choosing an electric chain hoist


How to choose the electric chain hoist suitable for the job requirements? Here are 8 notes when choosing a useful chain hoist that you need to know.

Note 1: Determine the application of the electric chain hoist

Need to answer the question what will you lift with a chain hoist? Do you need to use a hoist to assemble machine parts with high precision? Is it necessary to use additional accessories under the hook?

It is necessary to determine whether the hoist needs to be used for multiple purposes in order to choose the right type of equipment. Avoid problems of damage, wear and tear of the hoist. And ensure safe operation.

Note 2: In which environment to use chain hoist?

The use environment has a certain influence on the service life of the electric chain hoist. The electric chain hoist has a duty cycle within a certain range of temperature parameters. Usually from -10-40 degrees Celsius.

Working in an area where the temperature exceeds the permissible limit will cause the chain hoist to malfunction and possibly leak the transmission.

Extremely cold temperatures can cause the housing to crack by jamming parts.

Sudden changes in temperature can cause condensation in the control panel. Causing the electric chain hoist may cause an electric shock.

It is necessary to determine whether the device will operate inside or outside. If the chain hoist is often used outdoors, it will affect the life of the equipment. Hand chain hoists, hand swing and electric chain hoists should be used indoors or in covered areas.

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